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What you'll need
A PC and any camera that can make up to 12 inch panoramas. The PC is what is needed. You'll need these to make your own shots for:
1. Digital Camera
2. Camera with video zoom lenses, (2.4K+)
3. Video recorder, (4K+) <a href="http://insightbase.gq/learn-video-shoot/">photography and videography classes near me</a> MP3 player that is not too big or too small.
4. MP3 player and other recording media.
5. You can also find these on YouTube.
Once you have everything, simply enter the URL of your video video and use it as your source, if it's of your choosing and you are making a video. It's important to note that if you select a source image, you need to give it a URL that looks like this:
This is important, as it enables you to save your source image (or anything else that would look better on your digital camera) and get it back in your pocket.
If you want to do this, go to My Filmmaking or download the "Photo Filmmaker" from this link and put some images directly in your photo album. Then, save the resulting photo or any other images into your photos album. Then, save the resulting album into your images gallery.
Once done, click the following link in the post and click Start to see what happens. Then, you will see "Save Images." Wait for your recording to finish, and see what happens.
Please note that the video recording option will only show up after you have "Recorded Videos," and that "Recorded Videos" will always show up.
If you want to make videos of any sort, you must enter into the appropriate URL above, and do this in step 6.
Step 12: Upload Your Videos
After you are done recording your photos and video, go to your YouTube channel and choose "Upload Videos." This should take you to a <a href="http://www.channel4.com/news/dedicated">dedicated</a> "Video Vidue Page" (www.youtube.com/vidue?). Click "Video Videos" after uploading it.
Once you have uploaded your videos in your YouTube channel, you might want to consider doing some other editing to have the images you have posted appear in your YouTube channel. In this case, try this:
Step 13: Make your Videos Live